Participation and success of BME’s PhD students at the International PhD Symposium

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The International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering was held in Québec, Canada at the Université Laval between the 21-23rd July 2014.

Among the participants were two PhD students on the BME who presented their scientific results with great success. Hungary was represented by two PhD students of the Department of Construction Materials and Engineering Geology (Faculty of Civil Engineering, BME). Lilla Mlinárik (title of the presentation: „Influence of supplementary cement materials (SCMs) onchemicalresistance and hydration of concrete”) and Péter Juhász (title of the presentation: „Research onbio-basedsurfacetreatments and repairmortars”) presented the latest results of their research at the Department, and answered the questions of the audience. Both young researchers are supervised by associate professor Katalin Kopecskó, PhD.

PhD-Student Lilla Mlinárik,one of the Hungarian presenters of the Symposium in the entry hall of the event.

Moreover, Péter Juhász was awarded with the title „Second Best Presenter of the Symposium”. The three best presenters of the Symposium were choosen according to serious evaluation of there search impact, presenting skills and answers to the questions of the audience by the jury. The three award holders were choosen out of 95 presenters. We hope that these experiences and successes will help the two participants with the preparation and defence of their doctor all thesis.

Awarded PhD-students (either with the Presentator’s Award or with one year of full fib membership) of the PhD Symposium 2014. Péter Juhász stands in the first row on the right side. Gordon Clark, president of the fib is on the left side of the image, while on the right side stands Josée Bastien, organizatorin-chief of the Symposium.

The International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering is held in every second year by various universities around the world. This series of symposium was first held at the BME, and was possibly the first international event of this kind. Criteria of the presentation on the symposium is that the presenting PhD students should have not handed in their final thesis until thes ubmission of their abstract to the Symposium. Chairs of the different Sections are occupied by world widely recognized Professors, who also take part in technical discussions.

The previous International PhD Symposiums in Civil Engineering were organized by the following universities:
1.    1996    BME, Hungary
2.    1998    BME, Hungary
3.    2000    BOKU Wien, Austria
4.    2002    TechnischeUniveristatMünich, Germany
5.    2004    Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
6.    2006    ETH Zürich, Switzerland
7.    2008    Universitat Stuttgart, Germany
8.    2010    Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen
9.    2012    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
10.    2014  UniversitéLaval, Quebec City, Canada

Altogether 65 universities represented themselves on the Symposium in Québec. Date and place of the next Symposium: July, 2016. Tokyo, Japan Conference Proceedings of the Symposium is available under the homepage:

Participation of the two researchers was partly supported by Prof. György L. Balázs via the Hungarian Group of fib, and the participants are very thankful for this.

- Dr. György L. Balázs  -