Education programs according to the action plan

Dear Students!

According to the action plan (see the Faculty of Civil Engineering organizes its education programs in the 2020/20/1 (fall) semester as follows:

  • We organize the following practice/laboratory courses of the 1st-year BSc students in regular form, i.e. with the presence of students: BMEEOTMAT41, BMEEOAFAT41, BMEEMAT42, BMEGMAT41. The lectures will be held online. BMEEOFTAT41, as computer laboratory will be provided online.
  • Particular practice/laboratory courses of higher years will be organized in a regular way: BMEEOAFAS42, BMEEOEMAS41, BMEEOHSAS46, BMEEOGMAS4.
  • All other courses will be organized online.
  • The Teams groups of the courses will be created, and the moodle pages (see of the subjects will be also updated, kindly check them!

Please follow the rules of the action plan: wear mask covering both mouth and the nose, keep the 1.5 m safety distance in the building, avoid physical contacts (e.g. handshake), do not use common, just your own equipment/tools (not even papers/pens)! Thank you for your cooperation,